Alix received her degrees from Virginia Tech (Biochemistry B.S., minors in Chemistry, Biology & Art) and Wake Forest University (Cancer Biology Ph.D., minors in Toxicology, Radiation Biology & DNA Repair). Her doctoral work uncovered a novel biomarker for aggressive prostate cancer in two patient cohorts. This discovery was published in the journals Prostate (Impact Factor, IF: 3.5) and Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention (IF: 4.1) and has been highly cited. While at Wake Forest, Alix received numerous merit-based awards and research grants, including a pre-doctoral research fellowship awarded by the Department of Defense. She was the recipient of many travel awards and presented her research at both local and national scientific conventions. Alix went on to complete a successful four-year postdoctoral fellowship in the lab of Dr. Murray Korc, a prestigious Joseph M. Huber Professor and Chair of Medicine at Dartmouth College. Her research focused on elucidating the complex signaling pathways activated in pancreatic cancer and culminated in published works to Gastroenterology (IF: 11.7) and Oncogene (IF: 6.4). After the completion of her postdoctoral fellowship, Alix founded Tn Consulting, LLC in order to better use her scientific strengths in experimental planning, interpretation, and communication to better help others in science.

Alix is a member of the by-invite-only National Association of Science Writers and the Grant Professionals Association. In addition to managing and working on projects for Tn Consulting, Alix is a writer and editor for BioMed Bridge and Write Science Right. She is also a Nature Publishing Group staff member and continues to respond to questions in the “Ask an Expert” Q&A series.

Sirid Kellermann, Ph.D., M.B.A., has held R&D and marketing leadership roles in the biotechnology industry for nearly 15 years. As a knowledge expert and alliance manager with mid-size and global biopharmaceutical clients, she has experience with a range of projects, from early-stage drug target discovery to post-market clinical validation of important new therapies. Her acumen in R&D and strategic decision analysis have led to business successes that resulted in increased shareholder value and company revenue for her employer and their clients.

Sirid leverages her combined acumen in science and marketing to create materials that are scientifically credible, while also compelling from a marketing perspective. As the Vice President of Marketing at NeuroScience, Inc., she created press releases, white papers, webinars, and live presentations, as well as established the company’s social media presence to disseminate scientific and clinical education via YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and a blog that averaged 1,600+ views per month. Prior to this, she created the position of Associate Director of Marketing at Entelos, Inc., where she helped rebrand the company by shifting the marketing narrative to focus on key customer needs. Sirid continues to research, create, and edit persuasive content for industry and academic clients. A lifelong learner, she is currently pursuing professional certification in Strategic Decision and Risk Management from Stanford University.

Katrina Bogan, Ph.D., received a B.S. in Biology from Providence College and a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth College. Her doctoral work uncovered two novel NAD+ metabolites and the genes and enzymes that produce them. She also showed that this metabolic pathway contributes to the health and longevity of eukaryotic cells. This work culminated in peer-reviewed publications in the journals Cell, PLOS Biology, PLOS One, the Journal of Biological Chemistry and BMC Chemical Biology.

Throughout her graduate and post-doctoral work, Katrina has emphasized the communicating and writing of science. As a graduate student, in addition to research publications, she authored three peer-reviewed review articles and chapters in the Elsevier Encyclopedia of Biological Chemistry and the Annual Reviews of Nutrition. She has received several merit awards and grants including a travel award to the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology annual meeting, where she earned the “Best Poster Award” and a Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service post-doctoral fellowship.

Katrina is a full-time grant writer and reviewer, specializing in higher education research grants and for-profit SBIRs and STTRs. Her expertise centers around applications to the NIH, NSF, Department of Defense, Department of Energy, and Health and Human Services. Katrina has also participated in numerous SBIR writing training seminars and conferences, which has further strengthened her approach to developing and writing commercialization strategies. Katrina's combination of scientific strength and exposure to business strategy has made her an invaluable consultant for academic and for-profit clients alike.

Neil McKenna, Ph.D. received his B.Sc. in Biochemistry from Queen's University Belfast. Dr. McKenna gained extensive experience in molecular and cell biology techniques during his PhD thesis work in the National University of Ireland at Galway, and a subsequent postdoctoral fellowship on steroid hormone action at Baylor College of Medicine under Dr Bert O'Malley. He oversaw the development of the Nuclear Receptor Signaling Atlas (NURSA) website, a popular online research and educational resource for the nuclear receptor research field. Dr McKenna is an author on nearly 40 research papers, three of which have been cited more than 1,000 times. He founded, developed and launched his own MEDLINE-indexed journal, Nuclear Receptor Signaling, which was recently acquired by the Open Access publisher BioMed Central, and for which, along with Dr. O'Malley and Dr. Ronald Evans, he currently serves as Editor-In-Chief. Dr McKenna has extensive experience as a freelance manuscript editor and has recently become a Developmental Editor for Macmillan Science Communication. Finally, he has overseen the administration of a number of large multicenter NIH-funded research consortia in the area of diabetes, obesity and other metabolic disorders, and serves as an advisor to the NIH on strategies for managing biomedical Big Data.

Larry has a PhD in Engineering Sciences from Dartmouth (EE, biomedical dissertation) and an MA in English from Northwestern. He has also studied and taught creative writing at Columbia College, Chicago. In over fifteen years of freelance writing and editing, Larry has written dozens of patents, worked on grants for biomedical researchers and technology startups (with awarded grants totaling over $20 million), and has edited numerous article and book-length texts for engineers, biomedical researchers, architects, entrepreneurs, and other professionals. He has also published peer-reviewed technical articles, prizewinning fiction, essays, and hundreds of encyclopedia articles on scientific, mathematical, and medical topics.

Dr. Leanne Wirkkula, Ph.D. is a freelance academic editor, writer and program reviewer whose primary contributions to the Tn Consulting team include substantive editorial review and critical proofing of academic proposals, manuscripts and documents of all kinds. She applies a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of the academic world, particularly its research mission to discover and disseminate new knowledge. Leanne is a creative strategist with expertise is higher ed leadership and institutional performance. Her experience includes 28 years of service in public research universities such as the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities and, most recently, the State University of New York (SUNY) at Albany, where she served as Chief of Staff and Vice President for Planning, Policy and Compliance.

Leanne’s passion for helping academic leadership teams to steward colleges and universities with greater strategy, creativity and excellence led her to found Black River Road, LLC, a higher education consultancy focused on strategic institutional development and executive coaching for organizational performance and academic excellence. Black River Road also contracts production services for academic conferences and scientific proceedings. Leanne remains affiliated with SUNY as a Leadership Fellow in SUNY’s Academic & Innovative Leadership Institute (SUNY SAIL), where she develops and delivers leadership development programs for higher education professionals.

Leanne holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership, Policy and Development from the College of Education and Human Development at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, in addition to a M.A. in Educational Policy and Administration-Higher Education, and a B.A. in Journalism. In her quest to remain a lifelong learner, she recently earned a certificate from the THNK School of Creative Leadership in the Netherlands. Leanne’s skill as a visionary organizational strategist coupled with her knowledge of how the academy operates and innovates has provided unique perspective and invaluable insight to higher education and NGO clients alike.