Sirid Kellermann, Ph.D., M.B.A., has held R&D and marketing leadership roles in the biotechnology industry for nearly 15 years. As a knowledge expert and alliance manager with mid-size and global biopharmaceutical clients, she has experience with a range of projects, from early-stage drug target discovery to post-market clinical validation of important new therapies. Her acumen in R&D and strategic decision analysis have led to business successes that resulted in increased shareholder value and company revenue for her employer and their clients.

Sirid leverages her combined acumen in science and marketing to create materials that are scientifically credible, while also compelling from a marketing perspective. As the Vice President of Marketing at NeuroScience, Inc., she created press releases, white papers, webinars, and live presentations, as well as established the company’s social media presence to disseminate scientific and clinical education via YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and a blog that averaged 1,600+ views per month. Prior to this, she created the position of Associate Director of Marketing at Entelos, Inc., where she helped rebrand the company by shifting the marketing narrative to focus on key customer needs. Sirid continues to research, create, and edit persuasive content for industry and academic clients. A lifelong learner, she is currently pursuing professional certification in Strategic Decision and Risk Management from Stanford University.