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While half of science is done at the bench, the other half is done at a keyboard. Publishing your work and writing research grants are essential hurdles for a successful career in science. Both of these milestones are dependent on a well-written, concise, logical presentation of data. At Tn Consulting, we fully appreciate the fact that even the best science can sometimes be eclipsed by things as simple as: grammatical errors, poor English syntax or translation, jumbled figures or tables, formatting errors for a particular journal or grant mechanism, disjointed flow of preliminary data or results. Correct grammar and punctuation matters. Let us help you communicate your discoveries to the world in a clean, straight-forward, presentable manner – the way you intended!


We edit all written material, including grant applications, manuscripts, grant or manuscript re-submissions, correspondence, reviews or book chapters, and theses/dissertations. For editing services, we work with existing documents to correct inherent errors, address formatting issues, and adjust overall flow. Editing and comments are tracked using Microsoft Word’s tracking function, so all suggestions are easily incorporated and identified. If you have a project that you would like help with, but it isn’t quite yet a completed document with completed figures, please refer to our Writing page.
$.045 per word
Edited and re-worded, as if it was written by an English speaker
Formatted to comply with the requirements of a particular journal or grant mechanism
Reduce overall word count by < ten %
Make suggestions to improve the visual presentation of existing figures and tables
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Large-scale re-organization of content, i.e. moving paragraphs or sections into appropriate order
Reduce overall word count by > ten %
Hands-on manipulation or generation of figures or tables
Re-writing of particularly difficult-to-read English throughout the document