The primary applicant for SBIR/STTR awards is the small business organization and has to meet the eligibility criteria found here. Keep in mind that small business concerns that are more than 50% owned by multiple venture capital operating companies, hedge funds, private equity firms, or any combination of these are eligible for the SBIR program, but not the NIH STTR program. Foreign institutions are not eligible to apply for SBIR/STTR awards, and foreign components of U.S. organizations are also not eligible to apply.

If the research being proposed is more incremental than transformative, it may not be reviewed well and is likely not a good candidate for funding. Contact us today (link to contact page) to talk through your idea and help to reframe it.

The research or R&D project must be performed in its entirety in the United States. In those rare instances where the study design requires use of a foreign site (e.g., to conduct testing of specific patient populations), the investigator must provide very strong compelling scientific justification in the application for the need/use of a foreign site, and seek special approvals from federal program officers. 

It sounds like you and your team are ready to move forward with SBIR funding! Contact us today to get started.

Strong teams take work! Before moving forward with the application process, it is worth the time to make sure you have well-respected scientific experts, business and product development experts, and supporting personnel on board.