Dr. Ksenia Terekhova

I used TN Consulting editing services for my Ph.D. thesis and some of my science research proposals. I am not a native English speaker and my research is full of technical nuances and is very heavy on special terms. I tried different editing online companies and the onsite ones in such a big city as Chicago. They all had a lot of difficulties with my texts. They would wrongfully change the content or simply would not do a good editing job. The texts which were edited by other companies have been returned back to me by my adviser due to their unacceptable English. After TN Consulting editing there was no single comment from my adviser neither on the grammar nor on the formulation of my ideas. My committee thanked me that it is was a pleasure to read my thesis. TN Consulting did a perfect editing job! Their highly skilled editors do not miss a single mistake and are capable of improving the structure of my sentence without disturbing its sense or the overall logic in the text. TN Consulting not only take an effort to understand your text, but also most important have skills and knowledge to do it, which is especially critical in the case of scientific writing. It is a very high quality service that they provide, that only truly professionals can make it so well, fast and inexpensive. I will highly recommend TN Consulting, and I myself will use their service again in near future.