We offer scientific writing and reviewing services for those clients who require a more hands-on experience. Tn Consultants are matched to clients based on their availability and expertise. In some cases, teams of writers are organized to bundle and streamline the grant writing, review, and editing services for a given client. Writing and reviewing services are billed using an hourly rate. Our costs are always estimated up-front for every project and can be capped to fit within any client’s budget.

Academic Grants

Our technical Ph.D. grant writers are highly qualified and have helped many academic investigators achieve funding, be it fellowship applications, foundation grants, R-series mechanisms, or institutional and instrumental awards. The national academic funding rate is dismal. Let us help you put that extra sparkle on your grant. Please visit our Case Studies page for a more detailed description of our past contracts. To get a FREE estimate for your academic grant, visit our Contact page.

SBIR and Business Research Grants

The world of Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) grants could not be more convoluted or difficult to navigate. The application and funding process is different for every agency, often with undocumented nuances. Every agency has a different award rate and there are different mechanisms and phases of each program. The Tn Consultants have built their reputations on navigating the complex world of SBIR/STTR funding, in order to find you the best matched funding mechanism and agency and give you a head start out of the gate. Across the board, the national funding rate for SBIRs is about 15%. Does that mean the remaining 85% were bad ideas? No! It is likely that they were just not conveyed in a straightforward, fundable manner. Or perhaps they did not target the mechanism best for them. Don’t let this happen to your new technology or great idea! Let the technical writers at Tn Consulting help you maximize your chances of getting funded. To get a FREE Estimate for our services, visit our Contact page.

Scientific Manuscripts

The technical writers at Tn Consulting can help you finish (or begin!) that manuscript that has been sitting on your desk for far too long. Or perhaps you have a technician-initiated research project that needs to be written up? We have ghost-written manuscripts for more than a dozen researchers. We have a well-published track record and are very experienced at writing, formatting, and submitting to research journals, with impact factors ranging from 4 to 18. We specialize in cancer biology, molecular biology, and biochemistry fields, but have diversified our science base so that we can competently write for most other fields. Getting an estimate is FREE, so visit our Contact page today.

Educational, Non-profit, and Community* Grants

We have helped a number of non-profit organizations gain funding through foundation awards and federal funding agencies. The application process is typically straight-forward and funding heavily depends on documenting a productive outcome. To get a FREE estimate, visit our Contact page.

*Of note, there are currently no federal grants for business expansion, as low-interest loans are offered instead.